Thursday, 12 April 2012

Barclays contactless cards

I was interested to see the recent C4 documentary on the lack of security built into the new Barclays contactless cards.

When I was first sent a contactless card, I did question the security on it with the bank, and I was given the usual 'we cover you for fraud so don't worry' excuse.  I also have concerns over the security on the chip and PIN system, but I'll post that separately as I'm still investigating that.

However, after the documentary, I decided I didn't want my bank details broadcast around me without any encryption, so I called the bank and asked them if I could get a new card issued, without the contactless technology.  Have a listen to what Alex, the customer service team leader, says to try and overcome my concerns - he agrees that he saw fraud take place on the documentary, and then insists the technology is safe in the same breath - what a moron!  I also find it interesting that the regular customer service agents get panicky when they are told the call is being recorded - something to hide perhaps?!

I think this is a fine example of a corporate borg regurgitating what he's been told by his masters without thinking about it, and it highlights the contempt and disregard Barclays have for their customers.

Fortunately, the web saves the day again - I found this guide to disabling the antenna that transmits the details to thieves, so get busy with a knife and stay safe.

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