Monday, 16 April 2012

Council cone-tractors

A bit of 'elf and safety muppetry today.  

The first pic shows Bracknell Forest council workers cutting the grass on a roundabout.  Note they have put a ring of cones around the roundabout, as though someone driving straight onto the roundabout in a car and presenting a danger would be prevented by a small plastic traffic cone.  In fact, maybe a FoI request is needed to see how many accidents and fatalities are caused each year by drivers mounting roundabouts and doing some mowing down of their own!

Then contrast that with the second and third pictures of a team painting white lines on the road leading up to the same roundabout.  This time the guy is wondering about in the traffic, with a propane gas cylinder and a naked flame, and not a cone in sight.  Surely the latter is more dangerous, yet no driver warnings required?  Either somebody isn't following the rules, or the council are just looking for more ways to waste time and money...

Cone-sider the dangers of mowing grass!
...and in with the traffic
Explosive gas, no cones...

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