Thursday, 12 April 2012

Enough is enough!

So you think you are valued when handing over your hard earned cash? Think again! More and more, government officials and big companies are taking advantage of you and I. Want proof? Think about each of the following, and ask yourself - in whose interest is it?

  • Massive cuts to public services while bailing out the banks to the tune of billions
  • Insurance costs rising by way more than inflation, you’re told it’s because more claims are being made, and yet the insurer announces record profits
  • Talk of limiting bankers bonuses, yet record bonuses paid anyway 
  • 335 MPs caught claiming dodgy expenses, yet only 5 prosecuted 
  • Business leaders making redundancies while awarding themselves record salaries 
  • Big payouts for failure, such as Sharon Shoesmith (Baby P) and Fred Goodwin (RBS) 
  • The Police regularly lying to cover up their own failures or brutality 
  • Courts sentencing minor offences harshly, while letting off those in positions of authority when they are found to be criminals and committing much more serious offences 
  • Successive governments borrowing more than they could afford to win votes, then expecting the public to clear up the mess they leave behind 
  • Bankers who manipulate markets to earn themselves a tidy profit, at the expense of the individual investor or sometimes the taxpayer
  • Energy bills going through the roof, while the energy company announces record profits 
  • Companies hiding behind automated telephone systems to avoid accountability 
  • Lack of security on personal data held by companies, and their disregard for the impact on customers when hacked
I hope to use this blog to highlight examples of these as I find them.  I come well armed!  I have a range of tech gadgets that I plan to use to record calls, video those responsible, and where possible, share any communications on this blog.  Of course, your own experiences are also welcome - just type me an email with what you'd like to post, and if it looks good, I'll share it with all!

The more I look under the bonnet and ask polite but probing questions of those in 'authority', the more I find that the government is run by incompetent, money grabbing thieves.  There has to come a time when we all simply, collectively and loudly say the magic word - NO!

As for corporations, I seem to have a knack of complaining to force them to acknowledge their failings, and this is often accompanied by a compensation payment - in the last 3 years, I have made around £7,000 from LloydsTSB, Barclays and Vodafone to name a few.  Again, I'll happily share the letters, emails and calls with these organisations, in the hope that you feel happy to do the same.  Just imagine if we were all complaining all the time - customer service would soon improve for all of us!

One last note - as a tech, I am fully aware of the dangers of publishing personal information on the web, so much of what you'll find will be anonymised, or 'redacted'.  This isn't a reflection of any ill intent or underhandness on my part, I just prefer to keep my personal business, well,  personal!

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