Thursday, 12 April 2012

More subway madness

Those idiots at my local council really do take the biscuit for stupidity.  I had a bit of a pop at them a while ago for spending £16,635 painting a subway wall, while at the same time cutting public services for the elderly and in need, and I was, as is normal, given the brush off by the man in charge, Steve Loudoun.  Details on the complaint and FoI request can be found on the Bracknell Blog.

More recently, the council have had complaints about another nearby subway that, when it rains, becomes impassable unless you're wearing wellies (great that it looks nice, shame it can't be used!), so they sent out a team to fix the drainage, and this is what they came up with.

You can see from the first pic, the drain itself is a good three inches higher than the surrounding footpath.  I'm no plumber, but I do know if the plughole on my bath was up where the taps are, not much water would drain away.

They then returned, and added a layer of tarmac around the drain, as though that would fix the issue.  All that happens is the rainwater collects inside the subway, and has to reach a depth of three inches before it starts being drained away (the second pic was taken after a short shower - it becomes flooded in a deluge).

Raised drain, chocolate fireguard
Slap some tarmac down, job done - not!

When I made the original complaint about the painted subway, Bracknell News asked for a comment from the council, and the elected member responsible, Mary Ballin, said “I have full faith in Steve and his team to get the best possible value for money”, so there's another example of bullsh*t to cover up incompetence again - thanks Mary!

So how long do we go on funding these buffoons?  How long will it take before they figure out that leeching money from the public and then wasting it in royal style like this isn't going to last forever?

UPDATE - here's the subway after one of the recent sharp showers.  You can see from the unbroken reflection, the water is wall to wall, making the subway impassable.

Even more worrying, I saw some people today walking across four lanes of traffic and jumping over the railings in the middle of the road, simply because the subway was flooded and that was the only alternative (other than a walk to the next roundabout and back, perhaps half a km) - so now lives are being put at risk because of the councils incompetence.

Is it any wonder we're favourites in the Olympic rowing?!

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