Friday, 1 June 2012

£100 profit per mile. Every little helps...

Something a good friend spotted and suggested for the blog, and so I thought I'd look into it - Tesco's selling petrol at rates they can get away with, rather than at a fair profit.  How often do we hear Tesco's telling us they're doing all they can to keep fuel prices low?  It's all boll***s!

This is a simple maths one, this.  The first pic is the price of fuel at the Tesco's store in central Reading, Berkshire.  The second pic is a different Tesco's store, this time in Warfield, a somewhat wealthier area than the first, half an hour later.  It's clear to see that in Warfield, people buying fuel are paying 4p per litre more than those in Reading.
Not sure why petrol isn't visible, but diesel gives you the clue!  This is Reading...
And here's Warfield - a full 4p more per litre
Here comes the science!  A fuel tanker holds about 30,000 litres, so if we add up all the 4p's, that's an additional £1,200 profit Tesco's make from their Warfield customers per tanker.  Let's be generous, and for arguments sake let's take £200 off for the drivers time and fuel to travel the additional 10 miles from one to the other.  That means the tanker earns an additional £100 profit per mile when travelling that extra 10 miles.

I gave Tesco's customer service a call to ask them about it, and here's what Jess came back with - even agreeing with me, brilliant!!  Of course, the reply from the 'unable to communicate with the public' pricing team will be posted here!  It must be odd in their team meetings, if no-one can communicate....

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