Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Corporate graffiti - update

As we all suspected, BFBC are too afraid of big, bad McDonalds to prosecute them for graffiti or defacing public property.  Instead, they're just going to take the signs down, and nothing more will be said.  But you see, there's the problem.  If the council don't inform McDonalds, and warn them not to do it again, then what use is the councils policy?  Why does McDonalds get away with defacing public property, but the spotty youth in a hoodie gets an ASBO?  Another shining example of the council having two rules - one for the taxpayer, and another for the corporates.

Here's their response to my FoI request.  Another has been submitted to understand the councils responsibilities in this matter, and the update will be posted here!

FoI response from Bracknell Forest Borough Council

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