Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Corporate graffiti?

So there I was, walking into Bracknell town centre for some lunch, and I spotted something odd - signs promoting McDonalds, secured onto the railings above one of the underpasses - on public property.  Shouldn't this be done in the proper way by paying for advertising space in a position that's approved for that purpose, rather than littering our public spaces with corporate logos? (Click on the pics to enlarge)

Has this been approved by the council, and if it has, how much are McDonalds paying for the privilege?  If this isn't the case, then this is corporate vandalism, and McDonalds should foot the bill to have someone remove it.  In fact, if this was graffiti or posters promoting a gig for example, and the perpetrator was caught, we'd expect a conviction for criminal damage (Bill Stickers is innocent!).  Can we expect the same when it's a big multi-national corporation?  I'd put money on them being asked to remove the signs with no prosecution for defacing public property (the council are far too scared of taking on a big scary corporation, even though this would be the correct and fair course of action).

Inevitably, I can't just leave it there, so a FoI request has gone in to Bracknell Forest Borough Council to find out if McDonalds have permission to put these signs up, what they are paying if they do, and what will happen if they don't!  I'll publish their response right here...

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