Saturday, 4 August 2012

Barclays bank - closing my account

After the recent scandal involving Barclays and the fixing of the LIBOR rate, to their own benefit but to the detriment of the public, I decided it was time I took greater care of my money, and so I've opened a new current account with a competitive high street bank, although this time with a code of ethics more in line with my views.

The video is a little dull, but shows how you're treated with contempt when you want your money back, even after being welcomed with open arms when there was a prospect you might be taking your money to them.  I must confess to a little pleasure telling the 'meet and greet' lady I was closing my account because I couldn't trust them with my money.  It's worth noting, though, the snotty lady who dealt with me didn't overhear the reason I gave to Mrs Havaniceday - she was purely shirty because I was closing an account.  Laughably, even though she cut my card up in front of me, no mention was made of the cheque book still in my possession - I will of course destroy that myself, but it shows the lax processes the banks employ.

I hope others use the power they still have - the power of choice, to take action, and to take away the source of the banks strengths, their depositors.  Even with the fraud of fractional reserve banking, no depositors means no balance sheet, means no bank.

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