Monday, 17 September 2012

Bill vs Joseph

What with all the riots and protests over some schmucks attempt to mock Islam, I'm always comforted that as an atheist, I'm not obligated to inflict my version of a sky-pixie on anyone else.  I wish it were the same in reverse - frankly, causing any harm or injury to another person, to make sure a sky-pixie isn't upset, really should be a reminder to us all that secularism really is the only way forward.  It's such a shame that others can't accept that we're all different, and it's that which makes the world such a wonderful place.  

As long as I don't harm you, and you don't harm me, we can all get along just fine.  I'm quite comfortable with other people having religion, I just despair at how easily led and gullible people can be by the organisations that eschew the more 'evangelical' approach to education.

As a tech, I'm not always that impressed with Microsoft software but here's a great example of an atheist who has morals that weren't taken from a 2 millenia old novel.  Respect for Bill Gates has to be given for the work he's done to spend his fortunes on doing good.... Isn't it funny how the church has been telling us it's doing good, when really.....

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  1. While I can see the religious point your making here mate... I think you should look into Mr Gates and these vaccines a little more closely. You seem like one of us who are "awake" so this might just be a blind spot. If I can encourage you to look a bit better into the globalist plan and how the rich elite like Mr Gates fit into it... That said, I agree with the broad point your making. Religion is a load of bollocks and just another system of control to keep the slaves in line. I still believe in God though, just not all the shit I'm told I also have to believe along with it.