Tuesday, 1 April 2014

If hands that do dishes were as soft as your face...

Here's a little gem - these two bottles of Fairy washing up liquid were on the same shelf in Waitrose, at the same price, for the same product, in the same volume.

But look - one suggests it's 'Up to 50%' better than the next leading brand, while the other says it's twice as good.  Ignoring the fact that these stats are probably plucked out of the air in a pretty unscientific manner, how can one bottle deliver a third more washing power than the other?

Let me tell you how - Proctor and Gamble consider their customers to be morons, who'll believe anything they're told, so they'll stick any old claim on the bottle, no matter if it's true or not - as long as they sell more, more, more.

Which is why I chose the Waitrose own brand instead....

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