Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Government spending

Here's a neat graphic from the Tax Payers Alliance, showing what is actually happening this year.  You can see that spending is huge, so much so that the tax we all pay doesn't cover it, and that's the deficit, which will be borrowed at interest (for the banks).

As far as spending cuts go, they are minute in comparison, and are then offset by the increase in spending this year anyway.

So although all this guff from the government that they're making savings and reducing the deficit is technically correct, it's not really telling everyone the whole picture.  Are we losing public services just to make this small dent in the huge debt we all carry on behalf of the nation?  That debt stands at over £1tn, or over £16,000 for every man, woman and child in the UK, and it's growing all the time.

Real eyes realise real lies...

Friday, 10 August 2012

BFBC Youth Team - town centre promotion

I was in Bracknell town centre today for a spot of lunch, and noticed the Bracknell Forest council youth service parked up in a kitted out camper van, to sign up new 11-19 year old recruits.  They'd even gone to the trouble of laying on a climbing wall for the teens to have a crack at.
Empty wall...
Empty promises...
One thing I thought was odd though, was that the staff were just sat on chairs or stood around the van, reading newspapers and chatting amongst themselves while the youth of Bracknell wondered past.  No-one handing out leaflets, no-one approaching the kids, just lots of sitting and standing around chatting, in relatively large numbers (I counted 9 of them).  And no-one on the wall!

Thinking of the blog, I started to snap a few photos on my phone - here they are.  You can see the staff stood around doing nothing, while the climbing wall is empty.  And do bear in mind, this is on a warm sunny day, in the middle of town, in the middle of the school holidays at about 12:30 pm - there are kids everywhere.  Click on the pics for a closer look...

I thought that would be that, but then I was approached by two female members of the 'Youth Team'.  The feisty one of the two (noted with a red arrow in the pictures) asked me if I was taking pictures, so I politely pointed out that it was none of her business.  She then asked me to prove I didn't have any pictures of the children, which is inferring  'are you a paedophile? If not, prove it' - how disgusting, sick and perverse is this woman?  I can't imagine how taking pictures of a youth team in a town centre where kids are everywhere anyway could be offensive, but she chose to try and frame it that way.  I take great offence to this - how dare she?  With absolutely no evidence or authority at all, and with her job security staring her in the face, she resorted to the most despicable thought she could dredge from her twisted small sick mind to try and command a situation that was clearly not going her way.

Red arrow is feisty lady, blue arrow is her backup!

She went on... 'you aren't allowed to take my picture without my permission' she quipped.  Wrong again.  No-one has any reasonable expectation of privacy when they're in a public place - the paparazzi prove this point.  Do they ask permission to snap and then publish exposing celebrity pictures?  And we're all being filmed, all day every day - the UK is the CCTV capital of the world!  Just for clarity, here's the official line from the Met Police.  

There's something a little disconcerting at this point too, as she starts to insist she has the right to see the pictures.  Tut tut - if you're going to pretend to be a Police Constable, at least read up on the basics of law.  Firstly, unless she is a Police Constable (and she also has reasonable suspicion that I'm taking pictures for the purposes of terrorism), she has no authority to approach and try to quiz me as she did.  In fact, her aggressive nature and accusations of me being a kiddie fiddler are potentially grounds for a warning to her for harassment from the boys in blue, according to my brief.  Secondly, I'm convinced she was only being aggressive because she'd been caught with her thumbs up her a*se and wanted to see the pictures deleted.  I pointed out that having a van in the middle of town with a climbing wall laid on to attract the youth of the area (and funded by you and me) was a bit of a waste if all they were doing was sitting around and not engaging the youngsters.  She tried to defend herself by suggesting it was a voluntary scheme so they didn't want to approach the kids, but thats stupid logic - why have a van and a climbing wall in the first place, if you weren't trying to promote the service and attract teenagers?  We all remember being a teen - approaching something like this was a social minefield - being given a leaflet was much easier!  Thirdly, and just as importantly, she's a council employee and is paid to serve the public, not accuse them of being paedophiles and trying to enforce her own version of the law.  She should remember where the money in her bank account at the end of the month comes from.

In their favour, her colleague (marked with a blue arrow) did try to remove her from the situation when she realised they weren't going to get their own way, but in the end she just gave up and wondered off.  Ms Gobby then waltzed off too, refusing to give me her name as she went.

I will play fair - I'm not here to upset anyone, I just want to report on what I saw as a missed opportunity by the feckless and lazy, so I told her she could ask me not to not publish her picture if she wished, which she chose to accept.

Here's some of the audio from our encounter (but I'll keep the rest as evidence, if I do have to take it that far).  I'll publish just the last bit of the conversation - you can hear how she is aggressive, and demanding things she doesn't have a right to.  Initially, I agreed to not publishing her picture, as she requested.  However, after the volley of nasty comments from her and her colleagues and friends, I'm going to publish her picture anyway.  Had she not been so aggressive, and had she not asked her friends and colleagues to attack and accuse me, indirectly, of being a paedo for taking and publishing these pictures, I'd have probably stuck to my word.

In the interests of fairness to those who were willing to add their name to their comments, and who asked that I don't publish pictures of their kids, I say this;  It is not illegal to either take pictures or publish them, unless they are for the purposes of terrorism.  If I choose to, I am at liberty to both take and publish pictures taken in a public place, including those that might contain children - that's the law.  I'm not here to upset the public though, and I don't want to offend anyone (other than potentially the slack public servants highlighted) so I've taken the decision to respect parents wishes, and I have blurred out all the faces of anyone other than the two women that approached me.  I wish to leave the blurred images of children in the pictures, as it demonstrates the point I am trying to make, and I have every right to do so.

Additionally, following all the threats and nasty comments, I did take this story down over the weekend until I had a chance to take legal advice.  Now that I have the advice that confirms my assertions, and I have a legal brief who is happy to represent me if anyone wishes to take it further, I've reposted this story.

I do intend to send in a complaint to Bracknell Forest Council, where I'll demand a written apology for being aggressively approached and accused of paedophilia, a sick and evil accusation that I will not accept.  If a written apology isn't forthcoming within six weeks then as suggested by my brief, I shall consider making a complaint to the Police.  And of course, I'll post the response here...

Watch, as the youth of Bracknell wonder past unhindered, and remember - these pictures make me a sick twisted evil pervert, right?! Unbelievable, these people...

UPDATE - it seems I have a small thank you to say to the feisty lady too - since she rallied her minions to accuse me of being a paedo, the hits on the blog have gone through the roof - cheers!

I'd also recommend reading the comments on this post, some of which were posted before I took legal advice - I think you'll figure out which ones are trying to intimidate, threaten or accuse me of paedophillia.  I am not willing to give up my rights to hold public servants to account, to avoid infringing the rights that someone else thinks they have, even though they don't.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Highways Agency 2 - something to hide?

While traveling down the M3 the other day, I noticed a Highways Agency 4x4 parked up in the little area off the hard shoulder, that has a sign that clearly states 'Police vehicles only'.  Now I do appreciate they have a job to do, and that it's convenient to position themselves in these mini lay-bys, but the law is the law, and if anyone else did it, they'd be prosecuted.  I can't find anything in my copy of the Highway Code that allows these 'Traffic Officers' to ignore motorway signage.

So while on the road, I gave the Highways Agency a ring, and got through to Andy.  I told him I was recording the call, and stupidly I mentioned I might broadcast it and surprise surprise, Andy wasn't happy about that.  If he's doing his job properly, why would he have something to hide?!  Have a listen....

I've written to his manager, and will post any reply I get right here!

PS - Work is super busy at the moment, so updates might be a bit light for a few weeks.  If you have something you'd like to publish, please email it to me and I'll do my best!  And keep the site bookmarked - there's more fun to come soon, including my bunfight with the Police over a spurious allegation against me, which I plan to refute in court and following which I have a great complaint to put in ;-)

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Barclays bank - closing my account

After the recent scandal involving Barclays and the fixing of the LIBOR rate, to their own benefit but to the detriment of the public, I decided it was time I took greater care of my money, and so I've opened a new current account with a competitive high street bank, although this time with a code of ethics more in line with my views.

The video is a little dull, but shows how you're treated with contempt when you want your money back, even after being welcomed with open arms when there was a prospect you might be taking your money to them.  I must confess to a little pleasure telling the 'meet and greet' lady I was closing my account because I couldn't trust them with my money.  It's worth noting, though, the snotty lady who dealt with me didn't overhear the reason I gave to Mrs Havaniceday - she was purely shirty because I was closing an account.  Laughably, even though she cut my card up in front of me, no mention was made of the cheque book still in my possession - I will of course destroy that myself, but it shows the lax processes the banks employ.

I hope others use the power they still have - the power of choice, to take action, and to take away the source of the banks strengths, their depositors.  Even with the fraud of fractional reserve banking, no depositors means no balance sheet, means no bank.

Phone mast repair - more important than safety?

Another example of those in yellow jackets assuming the law doesn't apply.  We're told double yellow lines are there to ensure safety, and this area is patrolled regularly by a traffic warden.  So why no ticket, clamp or tow-away truck?  It's that yellow jacket superiority syndrome again ;-)  Worth noting - these vans were installing some pretty heavy duty looking mobile phone transmitters (in the wooden boxes), in the building of the new Bracknell and Wokingham college.  Let's hope those fears of physiological damage from mobile phone masts isn't true, for this young generation at least...

David Cameron - moral guidance

This made me smile.  David Cameron seems to have a moral compass with two needles ;-)

Olympic sponsorship

Isn't having McDonalds and Coca Cola as sponsors of a sporting event a bit like Benson and Hedges sponsoring a cancer hospital?