Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Friday, 29 November 2013

Bracknell Forest Council highways team

Can you imagine the thought process here?  

I've just replaced a damaged traffic light, and I've got the old twisted sharp edged one to dispose of.  Shall I throw it on the truck and take it back to be safely binned or recycled?  Nah, I'll just throw it on the verge at the side of the road next to two schools, and walk away.  

Isn't it nice to know we've got such thoughtful folks working at the council?!

Lights are on, no-one is home

Spotted at the junction between London Road and Swinley Road, near the Forresters Pub.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Men at work, or not - part 2

It only gets worse!  Today I noticed another SITA bin lorry parked up on double yellow lines, running, and with no-one in it.  But joy of joys, along comes a 'civil enforcement officer' who looks like he's all tooled up to do the right thing and issue a ticket.

Inevitably, with the scum at the council looking after their mates at Sita, he was pretty reluctant to get his ticket book out and start writing... See the video below...

Update - I've asked the Council and Sita to comment on this - their response will be posted here!

Update 2, 29th November - no response from either yet, but the SITA staff have been busy browsing ;-)

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Another two tier judiciary example...

So I see the chairman of the Cons,  Grant Shapps, set up a company in 2005 that sells software to 'auto blog' - that is, to steal information from others, and post it automatically on blogs as though the blog owner had written it.  Plagiarism, breaking copyright laws and fraud, to you and I.  Even worse, the Met Police consider it fraud - is he quaking in his boots?

If it was you or I downloading films or music (same offence of breach of copyright), we'd be prosecuted.  Not our man Grant though - evidently it's not what you know or what you do, it's who you know and what they'll do to get you off the hook that counts!  Scum, all of them :-)

Full story here - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/10421830/Shapps-business-deal-may-constitute-an-offence-of-fraud-say-Police-but-no-charges-will-be-brought.html

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Brighton parking attendants at it as well!

I popped down to the coast today to watch the big storm waves crashing against Brighton Pier.  Unfortunately, while trying to park the ticket machine kept refusing my money, so I had no alternative but to leave a note in the car detailing the problem.  That didn't stop this overly zealous parking attendant from giving me a ticket, though.

Now here's the thing - the following video shows what happened when I tried to pay - you can see it accepts the first few coins, but then spits them all out again.  When I asked the attendant why this was happening, his response was 'the council are useless at emptying them'.  Great reply!! 

So the council chooses to send out someone to issue fines, but not someone to empty the machine, giving the public (the people who pay their wages) no option to do the right thing and buy a ticket - it's a scam!  It shows the mentality of those organising these services for us.

Some may say 'why didn't you move to a different space then?'.  My response would be simple - parking in Brighton is rare at the best of times, and lets not forget - the bays are provided to allow motorists to park, not for the purposes of lining the councils pockets - why should I go elsewhere and waste my time and fuel looking for a different space, just because the council can't be bothered to pull their fingers out and empty the machines?  The same argument is to be had for finding an alternative machine - why should I get soaking wet walking up the road to find another machine - and thats assuming all the others work too?  As I see it, if the machine isn't working then the council should accept that it has to sacrifice any parking revenue until such a time as the public are able to pay and do the right thing.  Until then, it's their problem, not ours!

Looks like the appeal against the ticket is a no brainer then - I've acted in honour and tried to pay as can be seen in the video above, but the facilities available to take my money weren't functioning, through what appears to be the councils stupidity and contempt for the public (and certainly through no fault of my own).

And here's the tw*t with the ticket happy finger ;-)

Update - 23/12/13 - it seems Brighton and Hove are indeed on the make - have a look at this article from the Independent!

Update 2 - the ticket has now been cancelled - see here!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

More parking muppetry by RBWM

Following on from spotting a traffic warden parked on double yellow lines in Ascot while he does his shopping and the "Gamblers Anonymous' incident, today in Windsor I spotted another 'parking enforcement officer' parked on double yellow lines, obstructing a pavement, and with no-one in the vehicle - while they had an ice cream.

Looks like Neil Walter at the council doesn't really have a clue as to what his staff are up to.  He assured me last time that this was unacceptable, yet here we are again....

I dropped another note to Neil in the hope that he'd take action, but as before he has gone on the defensive.  What a shame we can't find people with some sense of accountability to work in our public services.  Here's the email trail - would you say, looking at the video, that they were too far away to see the van parked illegally?  And given traffic had to stop as the van forced the road down to one lane, would that not have drawn their attention?

I'll give them one more shot - lets hope Neil sticks a rocket up the ar*e of all the traffic wardens and reminds them that a yellow jacket doesn't mean they're above the law.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Danger - Men at Work... or Not.

Spotted this while popping into a tyre fitters down Market Street in Bracknell.  This is a SITA bin lorry, parked across double yellow lines, no driver, and left running.

I saw the driver coming out of the nearby chippy, but was on the phone at the time so couldn't take another snap.

I've left the number plate visible, in the hope that someone at SITA realises that leaving a running truck on double yellow lines with no-one on board is a stupid thing to do, and has a word with the driver or crew.  Or will they take the same attitude as their operatives, and struggle to raise enough motivation to even give a monkeys?!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Interesting to find out just what does happen when we collectively choose to ignore those who would insist we are all in danger, were it not for their constant meddling, which costs us all time, money and health...

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

More 'do as we say, not as we do'...

Nice that the local constabulary use a couple of horses to get around.  Shame they can't play by the rules (this taken from the DoT site for the Highway Code);

...never ride more than two abreast, and ride in single file on narrow or busy roads and when riding round bends.

This is Crowthorne High Street - by anyones definition it's a 'busy road'...

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Off their trolley...

Sorry it's been a while since I last posted - work has been super busy so that will always get my priority, but here's a little gem to make you smile.  This trolley/old duvet combo has been abandoned on the biggest, busiest roundabout in Bracknell town centre for over three weeks now.  The likelihood that someone from the council hasn't gone round this roundabout in the last three weeks must be zero, but no-one has bothered to do anything about it.  Maybe they haven't seen it (in which case should they be driving!), or maybe they're all still off their trolleys from the xmas parties we all paid for ;-)

Would you spot this eyesore?
Then again, maybe it was raised at a council meeting, but no-one turned up - here's another disappointing story from the local paper, Bracknell News.  It seems that on average, the councillors we elect and then pay to attend meetings don't bother to turn up to 20% of them!  But that doesn't tell the whole story... Some don't just miss 20% - some have reached a new high score in contempt for the electorate by not bothering to turn up to more than half.  Our old Con Mary Ballin (Winkfield and Cranbourne) only managed to drag herself into 52% of the meetings she's tasked with attending.  She needs to turn her nose up just a little more though, to win gold - Brenda Wilson, the councillor for Binfield and Warfield, only bothered to turn up for 48% of the meetings she was supposed to be at.

I guess the question should be, why are we paying these people their full remuneration, if they're unwilling to fully perform their duties?  Those of us in gainful employment would be fired for attendance like that...  I can understand some people have no choice through family, work or other commitments, to miss the odd meeting or two, but once the figure drops below say 80%, should we have the right to question their suitability for the task at hand?  Comments below!