Saturday, 19 January 2013

Off their trolley...

Sorry it's been a while since I last posted - work has been super busy so that will always get my priority, but here's a little gem to make you smile.  This trolley/old duvet combo has been abandoned on the biggest, busiest roundabout in Bracknell town centre for over three weeks now.  The likelihood that someone from the council hasn't gone round this roundabout in the last three weeks must be zero, but no-one has bothered to do anything about it.  Maybe they haven't seen it (in which case should they be driving!), or maybe they're all still off their trolleys from the xmas parties we all paid for ;-)

Would you spot this eyesore?
Then again, maybe it was raised at a council meeting, but no-one turned up - here's another disappointing story from the local paper, Bracknell News.  It seems that on average, the councillors we elect and then pay to attend meetings don't bother to turn up to 20% of them!  But that doesn't tell the whole story... Some don't just miss 20% - some have reached a new high score in contempt for the electorate by not bothering to turn up to more than half.  Our old Con Mary Ballin (Winkfield and Cranbourne) only managed to drag herself into 52% of the meetings she's tasked with attending.  She needs to turn her nose up just a little more though, to win gold - Brenda Wilson, the councillor for Binfield and Warfield, only bothered to turn up for 48% of the meetings she was supposed to be at.

I guess the question should be, why are we paying these people their full remuneration, if they're unwilling to fully perform their duties?  Those of us in gainful employment would be fired for attendance like that...  I can understand some people have no choice through family, work or other commitments, to miss the odd meeting or two, but once the figure drops below say 80%, should we have the right to question their suitability for the task at hand?  Comments below!