Sunday, 27 October 2013

Brighton parking attendants at it as well!

I popped down to the coast today to watch the big storm waves crashing against Brighton Pier.  Unfortunately, while trying to park the ticket machine kept refusing my money, so I had no alternative but to leave a note in the car detailing the problem.  That didn't stop this overly zealous parking attendant from giving me a ticket, though.

Now here's the thing - the following video shows what happened when I tried to pay - you can see it accepts the first few coins, but then spits them all out again.  When I asked the attendant why this was happening, his response was 'the council are useless at emptying them'.  Great reply!! 

So the council chooses to send out someone to issue fines, but not someone to empty the machine, giving the public (the people who pay their wages) no option to do the right thing and buy a ticket - it's a scam!  It shows the mentality of those organising these services for us.

Some may say 'why didn't you move to a different space then?'.  My response would be simple - parking in Brighton is rare at the best of times, and lets not forget - the bays are provided to allow motorists to park, not for the purposes of lining the councils pockets - why should I go elsewhere and waste my time and fuel looking for a different space, just because the council can't be bothered to pull their fingers out and empty the machines?  The same argument is to be had for finding an alternative machine - why should I get soaking wet walking up the road to find another machine - and thats assuming all the others work too?  As I see it, if the machine isn't working then the council should accept that it has to sacrifice any parking revenue until such a time as the public are able to pay and do the right thing.  Until then, it's their problem, not ours!

Looks like the appeal against the ticket is a no brainer then - I've acted in honour and tried to pay as can be seen in the video above, but the facilities available to take my money weren't functioning, through what appears to be the councils stupidity and contempt for the public (and certainly through no fault of my own).

And here's the tw*t with the ticket happy finger ;-)

Update - 23/12/13 - it seems Brighton and Hove are indeed on the make - have a look at this article from the Independent!

Update 2 - the ticket has now been cancelled - see here!